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We are the portal for your success through an all-in-one automated embedded finance ecosystem

Provide a seamless experience

Accept, process, and settle payments in a single infrastructure with impeccable success rate.

Global coverage

Offer multiple local and global payment methods. Leverage a single IBAN account across 24 currencies.

Create additional revenue

Vantage aggregated sets of behavioral data, buying preferences and consumer insights to improve customer experience and develop new tailored products.

Achieve regulatory peace

Ensure the best security practices for your customer while complying with the highest standards of regulatory processes in the industry without hustle.

Payment processing

The entire payment processing value chain under your control

Choose a single easy integration payment infrastructure that accepts, process, reconciles, and settles automatically while also beating fraud.

Accept and make payments like a local in 24 currencies

Automated bulk PayOut to 150+ countries

No limit to international transaction value 

Complete transparency in transaction processing costs

Multi-currency IBANs

Limitless and borderless

Make and receive payments from and to anywhere in the world with a single IBAN account across 24 currencies, saving your business time and money.
Automated financials

Fully automated account receivable and payable management 

Automation that ensures scalability and prosperity in a commoditized industry.

Manage your cash flow with automated account receivables & payables, minimize human error and save time with automated reconciliation, invoicing, billing and managing your pay-outs

Ensure compliance with automated regulatory reporting and dynamic risk-based KYC/AML checks


A digital infrastructure for a digital world

All-in-one fully cloud-based embedded financial services platform and infrastructure serving businesses across the globe

450+ payment methods

200+ local and global acquirers

Full security and compliance

Fraud prevention

Full dashboard for seller

Customized reporting

Automated reconciliation

payments with
Embedded accounts
receivable and payable with

Automated AR/AP management

Automated reconciliation

Subscriptions, splitting & statements

Invoicing & billing

PayOut instructions

banking with

Multi-currency IBAN accounts

24 currencies & 150+ countries

PayIn & PayOut management

Local & global bank schemes

Analytics data engine

Dynamic KYC & AML

One touch access to other financial services

Embedded finance ecosystem

Mix and match your perfect solution for your business

Get started

Join Digital Life

We enable you to achieve excellence by providing best-in-class financial solutions ensuring your business's success. Get in touch with our sales team to get the best price tailored to your needs
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