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About us

We are your partner in your digital journey

Let’s walk together in the digital world 

Our Mission

Simplify finance by inspiring and nurturing a digital journey through continuous innovation.

Our Vision

Creating the best automated and globally connected embedded financial ecosystem in the world.

Our Purpose

Accelerating the shift towards an inclusive, environmentally friendly, sustainable economy and supporting digital literacy for all.

What is COMO?

Born to innovate and disrupt

We are a software-driven company offering financial services through our technology and infrastructure. We actively contribute to strengthening the by-product of the digital revolution: the upcoming global democracy.
Who we are?

A global team of disrupters, thinkers, and makers

Our international team comes from different places, but we are all connected by our common vision: a digital life for a digital planet. We believe that payment and financial transactions should be simple and seamless, so people and businesses can focus on what matters to them the most.
Our team

Speaks over 18 languages 

Is headquartered in Luxembourg

Works remotely and on-site from 9 different countries

Comes from 20 different nationalities


If you share our values and cherish our culture, check our open positions and be a part of our team!

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

COMO Digital Life is proud to develop a corporate social responsibility (CSR) community, where we are making great strides toward sustainability. Our built-in environmental, social, and governance solution enables our clients to assess and report on their impact as they build a sustainable future and being with our solution CO2 neutral.

Our Environment, Social and Governance Responsibility

We are particularly proud of our built-in environmental, social and governance solution (ESG) on the C4B platform to address sustainability, CO2 emissions and digital currencies, enabling iBAN-X by COMO to implement the collection of ESG-relevant data and provide an ESG database for evaluation and reporting purposes.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Responsibility

In 2021 we were successfully admitted in the Financial Alliance for Women, proving that COMO has achieved metrics, sustaining our commitment to the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) Strategy.
We strongly believe in the benefits of a diverse workplace, and we are dedicated to promoting gender inclusiveness and gender equality as an integral part of our mission and vision. For this purpose, we continue with our program and dedicated initiatives to train, attract, and retain female talent.

Our digital mindset

Digital Life is not just about doing things digitally. It's about having a seamless experience from the known to the unknown. It’s about creating something new, something better. Something that will change your way of perceiving the world around you. 

COMO Digital Life is a global company with the mission to create the best automated and globally connected embedded financial ecosystem in the world – ready to prosper in our Fourth Industrial Revolution. We built an embedded financial ecosystem that creates new opportunities and value for marketplaces, platforms, companies, governments, financial institutions, payment service providers, organizations, individuals, and society.

Welcome to COMO: your Digital Life starts here.

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