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Businesses we serve

Expand your service offering without increasing internal and operation staff or investing in additional in-house infrastructure.
All COMO solutions are available in white label.

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

A PSP used to collect money from online buyers and then redistribute the complex commission percentage of the online sellers, payment gateway, acquirer, etc.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ This process can be very time-consuming and generate many reconciliation errors that made the PSP lose money.


Redistributing money

Low efficiency in generating invoices and statements

Reconciliation errors


PayOut automation and multi-currency IBAN account

COMO Digital Life automated PayOut instructions and manage 25+ currencies through one IBAN

Gain in efficiency

Invoices and payment settlements in minutes instead of weeks or months with less man-power

Error-free and automated process

Automatic reconciliation eliminates manual error and saves money-leaking issues. COMO Digital Life generates savings and makes the payment process profitable again.


A cosmetic retailer desired to expand its e-commerce overseas without hiring more human resources. The current payment provider has limited foreign currency support, alternative payment methods, and reconciliation.

As internal sales increases, an operational bottleneck arose in the financial department (manual reconciliation, chargeback/refund management).


Limited global support and alternative payment methods

Low operational efficiency

Complexity in managing FX PayOuts


Global coverage

COMO Digital Life offers worldwide coverage, 450+ local payment methods in 180 countries

Automated AR/AP management

Automated reconciliation, generating invoices and statements, synchronizing of account receivable/payable and generating PayOut instructions

Big savings on FX

iBAN-X by COMO offering multi-currency IBANs the PayOuts for merchants becomes local


The client had the ambition to expand overseas, requiring the ability to offer different local payment methods in multiple countries, as well as the ability to comply with local and global regulations, taxes, and accounting standards.​

They wanted to minimize the number of integrations with various payment providers, payment splitting and reconciliation with all parties involved in the different countries.​


Too many integrations

Management of payment splitting, account receivable and payable synchronization, and PayOut instructions

Low operational efficiency


Single platform solution

Ability to offer +450 payment methods in +180 countries through a single platform

Automatic AR/AP management

COMO Digital Life offers automated splitting & reconciling of all payments for all involved parties

Increase operational efficiency

COMO Digital Life increases speed to market and expansion, generated savings, and financial data visibility for the client


A global operating consumer services company with a European headquarter and franchisees worldwide that connects users to franchisees providing their services. 


On one side, the company wants to collect payments from users via their app. On the other side, the company needs to keep the countries’ funds to pay the franchisees locally. Funds need to be transferred abroad and to the headquarters.


Difficulty in collecting and settling both globally and locally

Setting up different bank accounts for all currencies needed and managing FX


Single platform solution

Minimizing the need for multiple integrations and COMO Digital Life's ability to offer +450 payment methods in 180+ countries through a single platform

One IBAN with 25+ currencies

COMO Digital Life supports bulk PayOuts

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