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Help us creatively disrupt the financial services industry


It’s all about the people

We believe that talented people are our most valuable resource. To be successful, we need both ambitious individuals and a top-quality company culture.

That's why we work hard to maintain an environment where everyone feels free to learn and express themselves through their imagination and passion to keep improving on the digital life.

What we stand for

Values that guide us


We believe that kindness is a business necessity, rather than just niceties. 


We treat people with respect, knowing we are all people, at our core.  It’s the only way we can work together, to make this place a better place for everyone. Only by respecting and considering other people's feelings can we build a strong team and build trust among our colleagues. 


Kindness is a key element of corporate values and ideals that shape how an organization is perceived by employees, customers, and others.


Workplace spirituality is the manifestation of a strong belief in something greater than the self. It’s taking control of your life and navigating through it with purpose and passion. And when you are engaged in a spiritual workplace, there will be more meaning added to our work, leading to a happier and more productive work environment. 


Workplace spirituality deals with the spiritual needs of employees and compels them to recognize the eventual meaning of their work; employees have such needs, and they want some purpose. 


As a critical influencer of employees’ well-being and performance, the concept of workplace spirituality brings devotion to the work environment.

Family values

We believe that a healthy family is one in which each member of the family is fully engaged in creating their future.

By “healthy” we mean a family environment that encourages mutual respect, generosity, trust, and understanding. We call this our Family Values because it all starts with family, these values become especially important when we look at the big picture of organizations’ interactions with wider communities and societies as such.


We believe in collaboration, our team is made up of individuals from all over the world, with a diverse set of skillsets and backgrounds. 

Everyone is unique and different, that's why we value having a diverse set of perspectives to draw on when thinking up new ideas, sharing knowledge, or solving problems.

Open positions

We operate in a very exciting and evolving industry, constantly facing new challenges. We are looking for specialists who are passionate about global banking and payments.

Have a look at our current job openings, we are looking forward to reviewing your application!

Head of Product Management

Product Management

Remote - Worldwide

Didn’t find a position that fits you?

If you didn’t see an ideal job description that fits you, challenge us by sending in your resume to career[at] and your ideas on how you could contribute to our team and help us disrupt the financial industry.

Open positions

Sorry, at the moment we don't have any open positions.

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