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Use COMO SYNCHRO now to reconcile your account receivables and payables


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Automate your account receivable & account payable process

Embedded accounts receivable & payable management

Complete ownership of data

By just plugging COMO SYNCHRO into your own ERP (like SAP, Oracle, Dynamics or any other), you can create a unique customer experience from the generated valuable financial data.

Know your customer better

Generate insights from payments data

Data generated from payment is compatible to 99% of ERPs

Know your cash liquidity status near real time

Know exactly how much amount is in your account from various parties and how much you owe at all times. Solve any money leaks in your system generated from the complexity of multiple acquirers, buyers, and suppliers.

Gain in efficiency

Without a large team of accountants, you can make invoice and billing generation & processing up to 87% faster.

100% accuracy

A comprehensive fully automated solution for all account receivable & payable issues for businesses of any complexity: no more wasting time and resources on reconciliation.

End-to-end automation

Financial general ledger (G/L)

Reconciliation, statements, invoicing & billing

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