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iBAN-X by COMO is ready to help you with all your banking needs


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Embedded banking

An innovative solution for cross-border payments.

Quick and efficient global payment transactions

With a dedicated multi-currency account managed through a single dashboard, iBAN-X enables businesses to send and receive money, both domestically and abroad, in 24 currencies.

Manage 24 currencies in a single account

Minimize FX charges

Manage your cross-border payments and local collections seamlessly

Worldwide coverage

Transfer funds to a beneficiary bank account anywhere in the world.

Diverse payment networks

Efficient and cost-effective path transfer route from a diversified payment networks including SWIFT, SEPA, and more.


Track international payments in real time and 100% transparency of transaction cost

Capabilities that your business needs

Secure & reliable

Compliance with the industry’s highest security standards makes iBAN-X completely reliable and secure for any B2B2X transaction.

AI-based transaction


Payment Institution
License in EU’s AAA



Big savings

iBAN-X ensures your transactions settle locally by enabling you to hold, send, and receive funds in 24 currencies through a single multi-currency IBAN, therefore, minimizing conversion fees.
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